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Obedience Training

Passionate. Patient. Persistent. Pet-lovers. 

These are just a few of the characteristics we embody at The Spaw Grooming Salon & Retreat.


We understand that each animal is unique and our master dog trainer will work with you to give your dog 

the specific guidance they need to succeed.



We will be offering 4 different levels: Puppy, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  Megan will also be offering help with service dog training, based on individual needs. 


Training classes help your dog become a well-mannered, socialized, and well-behaved dog in all aspects of your life, whether it be at home, out on a walk, or at a festival.  These classes will help build the bond between you and your dog and this helps in establishing rules and guidelines for your dog to follow.  Dogs thrive on having rules and boundaries, and obedience training is the best way to help support them. We want you to get compliments on your dog's well-mannered behaviour. 

What are your prices? 

  • Training 265+HST 

  • Private sessions $95.00+HST 

We look forward to meeting your dog and helping you achieve your goals!

Puppy Obedience

Learn to teach your puppy proper manners.  Whether out on a walk or inside your home, we will give you the tools you need to ensure your puppy learns proper manners in all aspects of life.  The first four months of your puppy's life are the most crucial for socialization.  This is why we dedicate playtime at the beginning and end of each class!  

Puppy class will cover the following: "sit", "down", "stay", "come", "on your bed", and other important commands and behaviours every dog should understand.  We will help reinforce this training during public outings to practice the newly learned commands.  This level is for puppies aged 10 weeks to 5 months old.

Puppy Class

• Teach proper manners

• Socialization 

• They learn sit, down, stay, come, leave it, etc.

• For puppies ages 10 weeks to 6 months old

Beginner Class

• Teach proper manners

• Socialization

• They learn sit, down, stay, come, leave it, etc.

• For dogs ages 7 months and older

Intermediate Class

• Taken after completing a previous basic obedience class

• Reinforcing basics by adding 3 D’s – Distraction, Duration, Distance

• They learn beside, heel, on your bed, etc.

Advanced Obedience

• Taken after completing a second level of obedience class

• Prepares your dog for the Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) test

• They learn stand, back-up, forward, crawl, etc.

• Off leash reliability

Service Dog & Therapy work are discussed with Megan and done individually.

Get in touch

Megan Size
Professional Pet Stylist & Obedience Trainer

Years of experience:  5+

Special Qualifications:  Pet First Aid & CPR Certified

Bio:  Megan has loved animals all of her life, always gravitating towards dogs even at a young age.  Growing up with cats and dogs, she eventually pursued dog training before transitioning into dog grooming.  Megan draws upon her training background and understanding of dog behavior to assist her during the grooming process.  Megan's professional background coupled with her naturally calm demeanor, gives her the ability to help keep dogs calm; specifically dogs who are aggressive and anxious.  Megan will also be leading our dog training program and uses a balanced approach in achieving goals for pets, as well as working dogs.  Along with offering basic obedience training, she will be offering Intermediate and Advanced Therapy Dog preparation and assist with service dog training.  Megan lives in East Garafraxa with her spouse, service dog Harrison, retired service dog Layne, and her three cats: Maggie, Floyd & Emma


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